Leave Comfort Behind You

Posted in Project Management by Nolan Walker on Aug 16, 2015

“Comfort is the enemy of achievement.”

Farrah Gray

I don’t think that can be said any better. To progress, to change, to grow, to achieve….there is no room for comfort. Period.

So why is so hard to try new things? Are we scared of failure? Maybe even scared of success? For me it’s a bit of both, combined with the fact that we’re all creatures of habit. And as a project manager, these habits are turned into systems, designed to produce the greatest level of productivity. So sometimes it can be hard to shake things up. 

But I have been lately. I recently stood up and presented content for the first time in front of people who not only showed up, but PAID to be there! It was one of the most challenging things I’ve done in recent memory (and it should be noted that I have a childern under 5). But it was great. I was nervous, but I took it seriously and attacked it head on. I researched, spent time really thinking through the content, and practised…and practised, and practised. My college and I presented together. He has much more experience with this than I do, so recognizing that and taking advantage of his experience really paid off. And I must say, I really do feel like I achieved something significant in my world.

I think that’s the point. It doesn’t really matter what your challenge means to other people, it’s what it means to you. If you make the decision to challenge yourself to grow, to learn, whatever it is that it’s important to you..you need to leave your comfort zone behind you to get there. But I promise you, it will be worth it! So I challenge you, leave your comfort zone in the rear-view mirror, challenge yourself! It’s worth it.



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