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Aqil Samuel


Aqil Samuelclose

As CEO of Advantcomp Consulting Aqil brings passion and 16 years of experience in customer service, sales, and leadership to the Advantcomp Team. Aqil strives to make every customer experience a great one.

Nolan Walker

Founder & President

Nolan Walkerclose

Nolan founded Advantcomp in March 2000, after dabbling in freelance web development in university. Within the first few months, Advantcomp was developing websites for clients from all over the world, with a focus on back-end programming. With a strong technical background, combined with post-graduate project management and business credentials, Nolan leads the Advantcomp team in creating custom web and mobile software.

Adam Coard

VP of Product Development

Adam Coardclose

Adam has been programming since he was 13, and using computers since he was old enough to sit on his dad's knee. He's always enjoyed learing new things about programming and technology — reading technical magazines, computer science lectures, and web development specifications in his free time. In his role as VP of Product Development, Adam uses his experience and passion help make every app a success.

Adam McFadyen

Software Developer

Katie Coard

Project Manager

Kristaps Berzins

Software Developer

Shannon Walker


Maxim Kupryanov

Software Developer

Anton Odinstov

Software Developer

Andrey Malyshev

Project Manager

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