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Geoff Falconar
Advantcomp Consulting developed our 'AVANTI E-training System' and "ASCENT Aviation E-training System" to create, manage, and document workplace training.
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Geoff Falconar, Allantra Learning
Jonathan Brandow
Advantcomp Consulting has provided the IT backbone at BizMiner for almost ten years, taking us from the infancy of our online presence to our current position as a contender..
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Jonathan Brandow, BizMiner
Jon Valade
I have relied on the Advantcomp team many times over the years to deliver mission-critical, high-quality, custom development.
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Jon Valade, IdeaZone.ca

Nolan Walker, Principal

Nolan Walker

Nolan was born and (mostly) raised in Edmonton, but felt the pull of the west coast with its fresh salty air and myriad of outdoor activities. So, in 2007 he made Victoria home for him and his family. He loves to travel and enrich his life by experiencing different cultures and their amazing food, be it Italian pasta, Spanish tapas, fresh sushi, and everything in between. And what Canadian boy doesn’t love his hockey? Nolan is no exception — he is an expert stick handler, and keeps a stash of jerseys and foam fingers dedicated to the play offs. Being on Vancouver Island, Nolan has embraced his inner hippie and chooses to leave the tie at home!

Email nwalker@advantcomp.com

David Cheslow, Web Application Development

David Cheslow

Dave recently joined the team at Advantcomp and we feel cooler just having him on the team! This guy’s got a PhD from Texas A&M University and an MBA from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. He has been programming since 1984 and writing commercial software since 1992. This guy is super smart and programs in over a dozen computer languages (from APL to Z-Basic).

Originally a Yank, Dave has been a full-fledged Canuck since 2004. He has embraced the west coast lifestyle to the fullest, making his home on Saturna island (nestled between Vancouver Island and the mainland), and building an environmentally-friendly rammed earth home with his lovely wife. When his fingers aren’t flying across the keyboard, he can be found digging into his garden or creating batches of artisan beer.

Email dcheslow@advantcomp.com

Adam McFayden, Web Application Development

Adam McFayden

Adam was born in Victoria. Being in a military-family meant Adam got to live all across Canada, including BC, NS, & even PEI. Adam’s career as a geek began technically began with windows 3.1 - But (thanks to his grade-school in Nova-Scotia) he also got to play with the IBM PC DOS 2.10 and Mac System1 environments at an early-age. After High School Adam began studying art but continued to build websites (self teaching html/css/javascript using online resources).

In December 2009 Adam graduated from Camosun College, with a certificate in Web-Design. Adam began teaching Web-Development & Internet Marketing at Q-College in October 2010.

Adam is a big-fan of the WordPress Semantic Publishing Platform, and builds WordPress plugins & themes as a hobby. Adam has been an artist all of his life and would like to one-day combine his passion for art with programming prowess and release his own video-games

Email amcfayden@advantcomp.com

Paige Phillips, Administrative

Paige Phillips

Paige is currently an Art History student at the University of Victoria. She is thrilled to be graduating this spring. Paige was born in Nelson, BC but she has enjoyed the splendors of Victoria for the past three years.

Paige volunteers her time at a local art gallery. Over and above school and work, she enjoy painting, photography, and graphic design.

Email pphillips@advantcomp.com

Eric Walker, Web Development

Eric Walker

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Email eric@advantcomp.com

Ceara Crawshaw, Creative

Ceara Crawshaw

Ceara is a creative communicator with growing technical skills (in web design) and a user experience focus which guides my work. I bring a strong work ethic, a high standard of work quality and outstanding inter-personal skills to any workplace.

Email ceara@advantcomp.com

Stephanie Mann, QA/Web Developer

Stephanie Mann

Stephanie is endeavouring to hone her skills set after serving several years in the Canadian Navy. She is striving to ’civilianize’ those computing skills in the hope to increase her marketability within the Web Development environment.

Stephanie holds a Masters in Knowledge Management and has recently completed the Web Career Program at QCollege. Her military background holds steady, as Stephanie is well organized and adheres to strict timelines.

Email smann@advantcomp.com